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Introducing the NVIDIA GTX 960 Graphics Card ,Posted on Fri 23rd Jan 15, 11:16

The GeForce GTX 960 is a feature rich, super quiet Maxwell GPU. A TDP of just 120W ensures it’s not only super-fast but also super-cool and super-quiet, In some of the most widely played games the fan will actually switch off and the card can run silently. With the combination of ultra-low-power consumption vs performance/rich feature set, the GeForce GTX 960 also makes it an outstanding product for all system builders.

Check out our range HERE

2014 - 2015 Festive Period Opening Hours,Posted on Tue 23rd Dec 14, 12:30

Telesales & Web Orders

Our Opening hours for the 2014 - 2015 festive period are as follows.

We will be open until Tuesday 23rd December for phone orders. Please note our trade counter collection point will be closed from 4pm on the 23rd December then until Friday 2nd January 2015.

All orders placed until Tuesday 23rd using Next Day delivery should arrive by Wednesday the 24th. However due to increased parcels going through the courier we cant guarentee any parcel arriving next day after the 19th.

Our warehouse will be working on the 29th and the 30th processing online web orders, however we cannot guarantee a delivery date until the new year.

On a Final note, everyone here at Overclock would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

AKRacing and Arozzi Gaming Chairs,Posted on Tue 16th Dec 14, 14:54

AK Racing are one of the world’s premier gaming chair manufacturers, producing the highest quality products that are available today. With a focus on ergonomics, design and functionality, AK Racing gaming chairs have quickly become the smart choice across the eSport scene. Our close ties with top eSports teams such as Ninjas in Pyjamas have given us the leading edge in meeting the durability and comfort requirements of gaming professionals everywhere.

Arozzi is a Swedish company founded in 2013. Arozzi gaming chairs are built in the spirit of Esports and feature ergonomic design with high levels of comfort. Our products have a refined aesthetic that draws inspiration from the world of motorsports. Each Arozzi chair can be finely adjusted to your needs to ensure you are in the best position achieve your next victory, whatever the game!


AKRacing Premium Chair

AKRacing Premium Chair

The tremendously comfortable AKRACING Premium has been inspired by a genuine thoroughbred roadster. And exactly like in one of those, stable footing and excellent ergonomics matter most, if one is out and about over long distances. Therefore, the chair possesses a stable metal frame, form-keeping padding, adjustable arm- and backrests, a metal base, top grade PU leather covering and plenty of love for detail.

View Range Click Here.


Arozzi Enzo

Arozzi Enzo Chair

The base of the Arozzi Enzo is equipped with five "twin wheel" casters made of durable nylon. Therewith, the chair simply glides over sundry surfaces like a sports car. The 360-degree swivel rotation, flexibility in the adjustment of the sitting height (via a conveniently placed air-lift pump) and the integrated tilt function along with a lock mechanism raise the level of comfort in every conceivable aspect.

View Range Click Here.

Android Worm - Ransomware Alert,Posted on Tue 25th Nov 14, 10:01

Security firm Adaptivemobile has uncovered a new variant of the “Android.Koler.A” malware which is being called Worm.koler and is spread by text message.

The text messages typically read “someone made a profile named - (the contact’s name) and has uploaded some of your photos! is that you?” This will then be followed by a ‘bit.ly’ URL. If you click on the link you will be redirected to a file hosting service where you are encouraged to download an app called ‘Photoviewer”.

Once this app is installed, a pop up screen will appear stating that your device has been locked by the police and you must pay to unblock it.

Whilst this is happening on the screen, in the background, text messages are spammed out to all the contacts stored on your phone. The message is only sent once to make it appear more authentic.

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) who issued the alert said it appears that this variant is currently being aimed at the US, as the pop screens are US based e.g. purporting to be from the FBI. It is likely that UK has already or is likely to be affected, but to date the NFIB has not received any reports detailing this type of ransomware.

What to do if your Android phone is infected

It is recommended that any victims of this ransomware complete a manufacture reset of their device and then reinstall their apps afterwards. This could cause a potential loss of data such as photos, if they have not already been backed up. 

If the malware restricts you from getting into you phones settings, put the phone into safe mode (please refer to your phones instruction manual) and remove the app. Once this is done, perform a complete reset of your phone.

It is also recommended that if you are unsure about any messages containing a link do not click on them, and think about contacting the sender for verification that they intended to send you the message.

It is important to remember only to download apps from a reputable source such as Google Play Store.

How to Install a CPU on a Motherboard,Posted on Fri 3rd Oct 14, 14:05

We get many people asking if we can insert the CPU into the motherboard before shipment, we've even known people knocking on our door with the same request.

So we thought it might be usefull to someone if we created a how to guide for how to install the CPU and fan on a motherboard.

As some of you may understand there are many different CPU sockets and many different CPU's for those sockets.

Intel seems to stick to their own socket design and AMD tend to stick to theirs i will to try and make it a little more informative by doing 2 different walk through's

How to Install an Intel CPU

If you have an Intel CPU you may notice on the bottom of the CPU are very small round Gold contacts. We like to call them Pads, these are where the pins on the motherboard make contact with the CPU. As you will see later AMD do this very different.

Intel CPU's Look basically like this.

Intel CPU Upside Down

If you place the motherboard on an antistatic none conductive surface (not your carpet floor) the area where the CPU will be inserted this looks like below.

Intel CPU Socket

Once you have the CPU Ready for installation you will notice a metal lever running along the edge of the metal retainer. (Seen to the right hand side of the above picture)

Unlatch this by slightly pushing down and out away from the socket this will then release it and allow it to be raised. If you keep lifting the bar the metal retainer will also lift with it revealing the metal pins on the board. Like below

Intel CPU Socket Open

Now take the CPU and make sure the little cut outs are aligned with the same small dimples on the Motherboard.

Intel CPU Mounting Lugs

Once you are ready VERY CARFULLY take the CPU and lower it into the socket further making sure that the lugs are aligned correctly with the CPU markings.

At this point you are ready to lower the metal retainer and use the metal lever in the opposite way to earlier to secure the CPU in place. This will then make the plastic black cover pop off ready for the cooler application.

New Range of X99 Chipset Motherboards Now Here!,Posted on Tue 23rd Sep 14, 16:09

The new Intel® Core™ i7 processor and Intel® X99 Chipset create the ultimate desktop PC platform for extreme gamers, enthusiasts, and content creators. This new platform is equipped with features that maximize the capabilities and performance within the gaming, overclocking, and digital content creation space.





Gigabyte Cashback Offer,Posted on Mon 1st Sep 14, 12:39

Untitled Document


G1 Gaming with 4790K

GA-Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI BK- £35

GA-Z97X-Gaming G1- £45

GA-Z97X-Gaming GT- £35

GA-Z97X-Gaming 7- £25

G1.Sniper Z97- £25

GA-Z97X-Gaming 5- £22.50

GA-Z97X-Gaming 3- £22.50

GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5- £22.50

GA-Z97N-Gaming 5- £22.50

GA-Z97X-SLI- £22.50


OC motherboards with 4790K

GA-Z97X-SOC FORCE- £32.50

GA-Z97X-SOC- £25


Black Edition with 4790K

GA-Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI BK- £45

GA-Z97X-UD5H BK- £35

GA-Z97X-UD3H BK- £30


Ultra Durable with 4790K

GA-Z97X-UD7 TH- £40

GA-Z97X-UD5H- £30

GA-Z97X-UD3H- £22.50

GA-H97N-WIFI- £22.50

GA-Z97N-WIFI- £22.50

GA-Z97-D3H- £22.50


G1 Gaming with 4690K

>GA-Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI BK- £40

GA-Z97X-Gaming G1- £40

GA-Z97X-Gaming GT- £30

GA-Z97X-Gaming 7- £20

G1.Sniper Z97- £20

GA-Z97X-Gaming 5- £17.50

GA-Z97X-Gaming 3- £17.50

GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5- £17.50

GA-Z97N-Gaming 5- £17.50

GA-Z97X-SLI- £17.50


OC motherboards with 4690K


GA-Z97X-SOC- £20


Black Edition with 4690K

GA-Z97X-Gaming G1 WIFI BK- £40

GA-Z97X-UD5H BK- £30

GA-Z97X-UD3H BK- £22.50


Ultra Durable with 4690K

GA-Z97X-UD7 TH- £35

GA-Z97X-UD5H- £22.50

GA-Z97X-UD3H- £17.50

GA-H97N-WIFI- £17.50

GA-Z97N-WIFI- £17.50

GA-Z97-D3H- £17.50

Claim your cashback!Terms & ConditionsTerms & ConditionsGIGABYTE

BitFenix Neos Tower Range In Stock!,Posted on Wed 23rd Jul 14, 16:23


Excellent news everybody, Our BitFenix Tower range is increasing and we are happy to announce the arrival of the BitFenix Neos ATX Range! Different colours to choose from just click on the images below for further information on the Neos Towers.

Neos BlackNeos Black/BlueNeos White/White

Neos White/SilverNeos White/RedNeos White/BlueNeos Black/RedNeos Black/Silver              Editors Choice

Take a look on the website or click the banner below for detailed descriptions of each product and you will see just how competative our prices are.

ROCCAT™ New Gaming Products!,Posted on Tue 8th Jul 14, 14:45

We are happy to announce our new range of ROCCAT™ gaming products. Ranging from Keyboards, Mice, Headsets and Surfaces, there are plenty of options and choices to choose from just click on an image below for further information on these select products!



Take a look on the website or click the banner below for detailed descriptions of each product and you will see just how competative our prices are.



All New Intel i7 Devil's Canyon CPU Now In Stock!,Posted on Tue 24th Jun 14, 15:35

Hey everybody,

Just a quick heads up to let you all know the time has arrived for the new Intel i7 4790K Devil's Canyon Processor, take a look by clicking on the pictures below to see detailed specifications.

Devil's CanyonIntel i7


Devil's Canyon

Devil's Canyon

Introduction The NEW NVIDIA GTX TITAN Z!,Posted on Wed 11th Jun 14, 14:41

Welcome to the new generation of gaming! NVIDIA's new GTX TITAN Z is a monster of a card, take a look on our website...you know you want to!





GeForce GTX TITAN and GeForce GTX TITAN Black stormed the industry by offering supercomputer class performance to enthusiast gamers, for the most demanding titles. On the desktop, they delivered unmatched gaming performance on 3840x2160 "4K" screens, whilst remaining cool and quiet with industry-leading power efficiency.

For researchers, scientists and other CUDA developers, meanwhile, GTX TITAN GPUs delivered unparalleled double-precision computational performance that can be found beneath your feet in a traditional PC chassis.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - The Ultimate CUDA Development Platform


Today, we unleash the fastest and most advanced graphics card we've ever made: the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Z. A technical masterpiece, designed from top to bottom for record breaking performance, the innovatively-designed GTX TITAN Z has 12 GB of 7 Gbps video memory, 5,760 CUDA Cores, and twoGK110 GTX TITAN Black GPUs to power 3840x2160, max setting gaming experiences in the latest and greatest games.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Key Image


With its efficient power usage and other advanced attributes, the GeForce GTX TITAN Z is the perfect card for Small Form Factor gaming systems equipped with a single high-performance PCI Express slot, giving you record breaking performance in an appealing, attractive chassis.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Perfect for Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs.


Putting this power in perspective, a single GeForce GTX TITAN Z system powered by three GTX TITAN Z graphics cards can run the same workloads as Google Brain, Google's massive $5M neural network.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Supercomputer power at a fraction of the cost.


For videographers, GeForce GTX TITAN Z can accelerate real-time color correction in Davinci Resolve by 12x compared to systems running on the CPU alone, and at twice the speed as the highest-end Mac Pro.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Davinci Resolve, 12x faster with GeForce GTX TITAN Z.

Innovative Design, From Silicon To Shroud

To push the limits of GPU technology to new heights, GTX TITAN Z's record breaking silicon is encased in an all-new, custom-made cooler that sits at the cutting edge of design. For starters, the exterior is comprised entirely of aluminum, providing utmost strength, durability, and heat dissipation.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Fully Assembled


The all-important centrally-mounted axial fan is 40% thicker than GTX TITAN Black's, and was specially optimized with custom fin pitch and air entry angles to minimize noise and maximize cooling efficiency. At full speed, airflow peaks at 33 cubic feet per minute.

Beneath the fan, on an aluminum heat-dissipation plate placed above the VRAM, we've introduced ducted channels that improve airflow, minimizing turbulence, and improving acoustic qualities.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Fan


Flanking the fan are dual vapor chambers attached to 500 square inch extended fin stacks, featuring 60% more surface area than GTX TITAN Black, to draw heat away from components and towards the aluminum exterior.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Fan & Fin Stack


Beneath sits the GTX TITAN Z's dual GK110 GTX TITAN Black GPUs, and our revolutionary 12-phase dynamic power balancing technology that ensures peak performance at all times.

In the past, exactly half of the power was routed to each GPU. However, depending on variations in cooling, workload and manufacturing process, one GPU may have required more power than the other. Now, we dynamically route power to each GPU, ensuring each is fully optimized.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Dynamic Power Balancing Technology


Lining the exterior of the GeForce GTX TITAN Z PCB are 12 Gigabytes (GB) of record-breaking 7 Gigabits Per Second (Gbps) GDDR5 Video RAM, ensuring ultra-high resolutions gaming systems and large CUDA workloads have enough memory.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - 12GB of VRAM


The bracket is customized, too, with a unique, efficient design that maximizes the amount of air expelled.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Baseplate


Finally, a black, custom NVIDIA aluminum backplate transfers heat away from the rear of the card.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Backplate


This unprecedented combination of premium-grade materials, leading power efficiency, and advanced design enables GTX TITAN Z to operate solely on air cooling, with the same acoustic qualities as the critically acclaimed GeForce GTX TITAN Black.


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Full View




GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Key Visual


GeForce GTX TITAN Z is our fastest graphics card, and our most advanced, featuring new innovations that will influence future GPU generations. For 3840x2160 and 11520x2160 "4K" gamers there is no better air-cooled card.


For enthusiast small form factor systems, like GeForce GTX Battleboxes, the GTX TITAN Z is the only game in town, delivering unbeatable gaming performance for chassis that lack the required room for standard SLI configurations. If you're looking for your own performance powerhouse, like a Battlebox, hold fast: we're working with our partners to refresh the Battlebox program with custom-made chassis are perfect for GTX TITAN Z. For further details stay locked to GeForce.co.uk in the coming weeks. For researchers scientists and CUDA developers, GeForce GTX TITAN Z delivers unprecedented computational power in an ATX-compatible form factor, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional supercomputer.

New Range of Gaming PC's!,Posted on Wed 11th Jun 14, 14:04

Hey everybody, just a quick update on our new range of gaming pc's now available on our website! We have a few different styles and ranges of specifications for you, however if there is something you want us to change or custom build you a full system we are happy to do that just contact us for more information or enquiries.

You can always use the customise option within the gaming pc you have viewed to customise/add different components and peripherals!

Custom made 15TB Gaming PC 

Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Now Released,Posted on Tue 4th Mar 14, 16:13

GTX750 Class Now Released

Christmas Opening Times,Posted on Tue 17th Dec 13, 13:16

23rd December  - Open until 12 mid-day

24th to 2nd    - Closed 

3rd Onwards    - Open as Normal


Please note:

All orders placed until Friday 20th using Next Day delivery should arrive by Monday the 23rd.However due to increased parcels going through the courier we cant guarentee any parcel arriving next day after the 18th. 


On Monday the 23rd we will be open until mid-day, all Next Day delivery orders placed by then will be processed and dispatched the same day.

These should arrive on the Morning of the 24th December. However, due to the high Volume of parcels some orders may not arrive until the 27th/30th December.


We recommend that any customers wanting goods before Christmas place their orders as early as possible to avoid dis-appointment.


Orders using other delivery options placed between Friday the 20th December and Thursday the 2rd January cannot be guaranteed a delivery date and are unlikely to arrive before Friday 3rd January at the earliest. 


Contacting Us

We will be in the office all this week on e-mail until 4pm Friday the 20th. E-mails will be answered where possible during the Christmas break but please allow longer than normal to receive a reply.

QUAD Core @Tab Android Tablets Now available at Overclock,Posted on Tue 5th Nov 13, 13:31



Welcome to the New Range of ATTab Android Tablets at Overclock.


They come in 7, 9 and 10,1 Inch sizes. All with Android Jellybean.


With a Powerfull Quad Core Processor and 16Gb of Storage Space ( upgradable too ) These tablets are not to be ignored.


For More info Click the Image Above.


Hynix Fire Affects RAM Pricing,Posted on Thu 5th Sep 13, 09:43

World DRAM prices are set to rocket as news comes in that Hynix FABs 1 and 2 have been engulfed in a ball of flames following a huge chemical explosion.


Several major memory suppliers have even stopped shipments.


Reports are still coming in, but the effects are immediate – with memory prices already rocketing.

This is one of the main factories for nVidia GDDR5 we are told, so production and pricing on Graphics card could also be affected.


AMD’s price for Radeon RAM will also jump up.


Hynix makes 30% of the world’s memory in this area, and now it will lose half its production, so world production will drop by 15%.


All figures are approximate.


Hynix Fire

Hynix Fire

Nvidia 700 Series Now available at Overclock,Posted on Wed 3rd Jul 13, 16:12

Nvidia 700 Series Now available

Introducing our NEW Haswell ULTIMATE !!! Watercooled Bundle,Posted on Tue 18th Jun 13, 11:10

Overclock Z87 Ultimate Haswell Bundle - Asus Sabertooth Z87 - i7 4770K - 32GB DDR3 - Corsair H100i Watercooler

Launching our NEW range of Intel Haswell Bundles, We have created the best bundle we have ever done.

We even build and test it for you.

Kit Includes:


  • Asus Sabertooth Z87 Motherboard
  • Intel 4770K Processor
  • 32Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM
  • Corsair H100i CPU Watercooling Kit
Perfect for the Extreme gamer or even the Novice who wants an extreme bundle already built taking away part of the hassle of assembly.
For more info click HERE


Intel Haswell HAVE LANDED!!! Get yours NOW!,Posted on Wed 5th Jun 13, 17:32

The new range of Intel "I" Socket 1150 Series chips have now landed in stock and are available for next day delivery.

Haswell is a a new family of 22nm processors from Intel, still known as i3, i5 and i7 inside PCs and on the shelf.

Find out more about Intel Haswell Processors at TechRadar

Click HERE to see the full range.

Coolermaster CMStorm Gaming Peripherals NOW IN STOCK !!!,Posted on Thu 30th May 13, 15:26

We have new  CoolerMaster CMStorm Gaming Peripherals in stock NOW!!! . Including the CM Storm Sirus Headset with 5.1 surround sound.

Coolermaster Storm Sirus Gaming Headset With Microphone

Click here to see our full Coolermaster Storm Range!

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