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Arctic Ceramique Thermal Paste & ArctiClean Cleaner Combo Pack
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Description & Specification

Bundle Contains
Arctic Ceramique Thermal Compound & ArctiClean 1 & 2 Thermal Material Cleaner & Purifier 2x30ml

Ceramique Compound 2.5 Grams

The high-density, ceramic-based thermal compound specifically designed for modern high-power CPUs and high-performance heatsinks or water-cooling solutions.

Industry Leading Performance.

2 to 10 degrees centigrade lower CPU full load core temperatures than standard thermal compounds or thermal pads.

Thermal Resistance: <0.007°C-in2/Watt (0.001 inch layer)
Thermal Conductance: >200,000W/m2.°C (0.001 inch layer)
Average Particle Size: <0.38 microns <0.000015 inch
(67 particles lined up in a row equal 1/1000th of an inch. )
Temperature limits: Peak: -150°C to >180°C Long-Term: -150°C to 125°C

Coverage Area
2.5-gram syringes. (About 1cc) At a layer 0.003" thick, one tube will cover approximately 20 square inches.

ArctiClean 1 & 2

Unique 2-Step Process:
ArctiClean 1 Thermal Material Remover quickly emulsifies and dissolves the existing thermal grease or pad from the CPU and/or heatsink so that it can easily be removed with a clean cloth or paper towel. A few drops of ArctiClean 2 Thermal Surface Purifier and some gentle wiping then removes the remaining residue and inhibits flash corrosion on copper or aluminum.

ArctiClean 1 Thermal Material Remover:
ArctiClean 1 uses a proprietary combination of non-toxic biodegradable solvents to emulsify thermal greases or thermal pads. The citrus and soy based solvents in ArctiClean 1 match or exceed many hazardsous and volatile solvents such as fluorinated and chlorinated organic solvents, acetone, MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), mineral spirits, isopropyl alcohol, and toluene.

ArctiClean 2 Thermal Surface Purifier:
The cationic surfactants in ArctiClean 2 remove any residue left by the ArctiClean 1 leaving a pristine surface for the application of a new thermal interface material. It also incorporates advanced flash corrosion inhibitors that minimize the corrosion layer on copper and aluminum allowing for more intimate contact between the thermal interface material and the heatsink.

Using ArctiClean 2 With Other Solvents:
Most solvents and cleaning products leave residue on the CPU and heatsink that negatively affects the performance of any subsequently applied thermal interface material. ArctiClean 2 Thermal Surface Purifier removes the residue of citrus or petroleum based cleaners and inhibits flash corrosion on a copper or aluminum heatsink.

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