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Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro Dual Fan CPU Cooler - AMD AM3 / AM2 / Intel 1366 / 1155 / 1156 / 775

£48.95 inc VAT
( £40.79 ex VAT )


Description & Specification

Extremely efficient
- The seven three-dimensional moulded heat pipes work rapidly to transport the heat with the help of an oxygen-free copper layer (OFC) to the optimum point within the cooling lamellas.
- The double-tower layout with seven heat pipes enables the best heat dissipation from every single cooling lamella.

Nice and quiet

- Two 120-mm SilentWings PWM fans guarantee the best ratio of cooling efficiency to noise level.
- The wave-shaped contour of the cooling lamellas prevents noises and optimises the airflow.

High-quality materials

- The fan surfaces are coated in dark nickel.
- The brushed, fully aluminium cover connects the fan to a closed unit.
- The stable backplate ensures a shockproof attachment, even when transporting the computer.

- Compatibility Intel: LGA775, LGA1156 LGA1155, LGA1366. LGA2011 AMD: Socket AM2, AM2+, AM3+
- Weight 1,178g
- Size (mm) 145mm x 150mm x 165mm (W x D x H)
- Fan 2x 120mm, PWM control, 400 -1,500rpm
- Suitable for overclocking operation.
- Extremely efficient up to more than 220 watt.
- Maximum cooling efficiency, DeltaT 9.2 @ 100 watt.
- Quiet operation with 2× Silent Wings PWM fan, 12.0–25.9 dB(A).
- High-quality materials with dark nickel surfaces.


Bit Tech.net - Recommended

The Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro manages to achieve the holy grail of CPU cooling by delivering superb cooling performance with very little noise. The pair of Be Quiet! SilentWings PWM fans - despite running at 1,500prm at full speed and shifting 50.5cfm each - were very quiet during our testing. We can certainly believe the 18.5dBA noise rating quoted by Be Quiet!, as we were only just able to hear the fans over the background hum of our lab. If you run the cooler with its PWM setting enabled, rather than at the full 12V we use for testing, the cooler is almost inaudible.

This glorious union of performance and acoustic splendour doesn't come cheap, though. At £54, the Dark Rock Pro is £10 more expensive than the Thermaltake Frio and double the price of the similarly serene Gelid Tranquillo. However, the Tranquillo doesn't have the same cooling ability and the Frio isn't as quiet. If you're trying to coax as much speed as possible from your PC while keeping it quiet, the Dark Rock Pro is excellent.
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