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Club 3D ATI Radeon HD 3850 512MB DDR3 DVI/HDTV Out AGP, Retail

£80.34 inc VAT
( £66.95 ex VAT )


Description & Specification

The Club 3D HD3850 is designed for High Definition video and gaming. By using the latest DirectX 10.1 technology, compatibility with the latest games is guaranteed. The Club 3D HD3850 is the right product for you when looking for the best alround VGA card for your multimedia and game PC.

512MB GDDR3 Memory
Blazing fast GDDR3 memory is implemented to obtain excellent performance out of the Radeon HD3850. 512MB of GDDR3 allows you to add more detailed textures and image quality improvement filters in your games at high resolutions.

DirectX 10.1 Gaming Experience
Full support for Microsoft DirectX 10.1, OpenGL 2.0 and implementation of ShaderModel 4.1. Unique new Shadow Compression and Calculation technology to make shadows look more accurate and on the same time faster processed. High Quality FSAA Technology to maximize pixel accuracy calculations to make sure only the right colors are displayed. DirectX 10.1 is the latest gaming standard and opens a new level of realism and detail.

Radial Heatpipe Cooling
For optimal reliability, lifespan and ergonomics, Club 3D implements a Radial Heatpipe Cooling system, This will keep your card in healty condition during the most demanding 3D application.


GPU speed: 668 MHz
Shaders: 320 stream
Memory Size: 512 MB
Memory Type: GDDR3
Memory Speed: 1656 MHz
Memory Bandwidth: 256 BIT
Multi VGA Ready: 0
DirectX: 10
OpenGL: 2

DVI dual link: 2
HDTV 720p/1080i
HDTV 720p/1080p
Cooling: Active
PCB size: Full size
Format: AGP

HDMI is supported via a DVI>HDMI dongle which isnt included in the package.

Operating system
Windows XP
Windows MCE
Windows XP64
Windows VISTA 32bit
Windows VISTA 64bit

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