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Noctua NT-H1 Pro-Grade Thermal Paste

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Description & Specification

Excellent performance NT-H1 consists of a hybrid compound of different micro-particles, which has been specifically optimized for use in PC environments. Thanks to its extremely low thermal resistance as well as excellent pliability and spreadability, NT-H1 achieves outstanding results. Maximum ease of use & efficient dosage As NT-H1 spreads very well under pressure, there's no need to smear it over the heat-spreader. This reduces both the consumption of paste and the time spent on the installation process: Put one drop of NT-H1 onto the of your CPU, install the cooler and that's it! Top-performance right from the start NT-H1 reaches its full performance extremely fast and doesn't require a longer 'burn-in' time. Excellent long-term stability NT-H1 doesn't contain any solvents or other substances with low flash point and provides excellent long-term stability. Due to the compound's exceptional curing, bleeding, dry-out und thermal cycling characteristics, NT-H1 can be used for several years without any problems. Not electrically conductive, non-corroding NT-H1 possesses a very low dielectric constant and a high dielectric strength. Therefore, there's no danger of short-circuits even in case of direct contact with components or conducting paths. Fully compatible with all materials commonly employed in PC environments, NT-H1 is suited for use with aluminium and copper coolers.

Volume    1.4ml (for at least 15 applications)
Specific Gravity    2,49 g/cm³
Colour    grey
Recommended storage time (before use)    up to 2 years
Recommended usage time (on the CPU)    up to 3 years
Peak operating temperature    -50°C to +110°C
Recommended operating temperature    -40°C to +90°C
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