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Phobya Advanced insulating mat - 400x200mm single foam sheet
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Description & Specification

This sheet is the ideal way to make your PC even quieter! For noise insulation simply cut the sheet to the desired size with scissors , remove the protective sheet at the back and stick to any place you wish.

Noise insulation is not only about closing as many openings as possible, the thin case sides also let through most of the noise coming from the inside. Hence a layer of insulating foam can greatly decrease noise emissions from the computer. With a thickness of 15mm these sheets are thicker than most competitors for maximum noise reduction and the coarse cell structure makes them much more effective than other products! Another truly useful feature is the almost completely sealed surface to prevent dust from settling into the insulating material. Should some dust settle despite the smooth surface it is even possible to cleanse these sheets with a moist cloth.

Special size:
400x200mm, this is the optimal size to cover case tops and bottoms. This effectively eliminates one of the main acoustical bridges in the case!

Technical specifications:

Material: Foam plastic
Colour: Dark grey
Dimensions (LxWxH): 400 x 200 x 15mm
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