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Scythe Hard Disk Stabiliser II

£8.38 inc VAT
( £6.98 ex VAT )

Description & Specification

Scythe's Hard Disk Stabilisers are designed to ensure that vibrational noises from your hard drives are not transmitted into the chassis. This significantly cuts down on the "rumbling" and "clicking" noises which are very commonly produced by hard disk drives. This product can even be used even with the fastest and hottest of hard drives, and will give good noise reduction benefits. A very simple but effective product!

Product Description:  Scythe Hard Disk Stabilizer 2 SCY-HDS2 - storage bay adapter
Device Type:  Storage bay adapter
Expansion Bays:  1 x internal - 3.5" x 1/3H
Compatible Bays:  Front accessible - 5.25" x 1/2H
Product Material:  Rubber, steel
Mounting Kit:  Included
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