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Zalman Fan Mate 2 Speed Controller

£3.35 inc VAT
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Description & Specification

Other minor differences include how the fan connects to the Fan Mate. Also note that the size of the knob on the FANMATE 2 is larger, which makes it easier to adjust the speed of the fan.

Please note that you must not use the FANMATE 2 in conjunction with any 12 volt fan having a power consumption in excess of 6 watts, or 0.5 amps. Damage to the fan and/or Fan Mate and/or PC system could otherwise occur. Virtually all but the very fastest/most extreme airflow fans consume under 6 watts and are therefore fine, but please check your fan specification before using the Fan Mate if in any doubt.

Finally, when using the FANMATE 2 at its minimum speed setting, you must ensure that the fan has a minimum startup voltage specification of not more than 5 volts. Otherwise, the Fan Mate will not give a high enough voltage to get the fan started from rest. Before finalising your installation, please test that all FANMATE 2-connected fans successfully start when you first power on the system. If you are using the FANMATE 2 with any of our Ultra-Quiet fans, you do not need to worry about this point because all our Ultra-Quiet fans are guaranteed to start at 5 volts.
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