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Zalman ZM-MC1 Fan Multi-Connector Cable
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Description & Specification

In addition, it gives you a choice of two operating speeds for your fan(s), by allowing you to run your 12 volt fan(s) at 5 volts if desired. This has the effect of slightly reducing the speed of the fan, and significantly reducing the noise. Although the airflow will be lessened, this rarely has a large effect on case temperature.

As well as the benefit of low noise, running your fan(s) from the white sockets will increase the life of the fan, and reduce dust buildup. The cable comes attractively retail boxed with instructions. Note: This product does not allow you to connect a 4-pin fan into a 3-pin motherboard fan header socket; direct connection to a 4-pin power supply lead remains the only option for 4-pin fans.
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