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Zalman ZM-NC3000U Notebook Cooler (up to 17inch) Black

£24.95 inc VAT
( £20.79 ex VAT )


Description & Specification

Sleek Design Incorporating High Quality Aluminum
Premium high quality aluminum is treated with S.A. (Sand Blasting, Anodizing) surface processing and has a black, high gloss body design.        

220mm Fan For Maximum Cooling Performance
The entire notebook is quickly and powerfully cooled by 220mm Axial fan.
1,300 High Capacity Vent Holes Cooling the Entire Notebook

1300 high capacity vent holes on top of the ZM-NC3000 and evenly distribute the flow of cold air to cool the entire notebook.

Ergonomically Designed to Minimize User’s Fatigue
The stress to the wrist and back is minimized by careful design with the real usage conditions in mind.
Compatible with Notebooks up to 17 Inches
ZM-NC3000’s size measures 365(L) x 400(W) x 60(H) and is compatible with notebooks up to 17 inches.        

Rubber Grip-Strips Prevent Notebook from Sliding
There are rubber Grip-Strips on the upper and lower edges of the stand to prevent notebooks from sliding.
Fan Speed Controller According to User’s Environment

Fan speed is adjustable between 620~720RPM depending on the cooling performance and noise level according to the user's preference.        

Height Adjustable Riser for User Convenience
Height can be adjusted according to user preference with the use of the Riser for user convenience and wrist protection.
USB Powered for Convenience
The notebook stand is conveniently powered by the notebook’s USB port and does not require any other electrical connection.

USB Hub Supporting up to 3 USB Ports
A USB hub supporting 1 USB power port and 3 USB ports are included to connect various peripheral devices.        

Auxiliary Power Adaptor Supported by USB Hub (Adaptor Sold Separately)
In case of heavy power consumption from various connected devices, optional auxiliary power adaptor can supply extra power.

Dimensions:  365(L) x 400(W) x 60(H) mm
Weight:  1.2kg
Base Material:  Aluminum, Plastic
Noise:  17~23dBA ± 10 %
Input Voltage:  5V (USB powered)
Colour:  Black
Size/Type:  220mm/Axial Fan
Bearing Type:  Sleeve Bearing
RPM:  620~720rpm ± 10 %
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